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The compact version of the Filterbank 2 loses none of the functionality while packing everything into a low-profile desktop unit

The Filterbank is a complex stereo filter with an envelope follower, ADSR, CV & Gate inputs and, of course, front panel controls to change effects in real time. It’s a proper analogue device which interfaces with the outside world via midi & control voltages

The Filterbank is level sensitive and can be driven into smooth distortion by overdriving the filter. This changes it from a subtle device into something more brutal

According to Chris Carter: “There is pre-amp (with overdrive), two multi-mode VCF’s (with selectable harmonics), an ADSR and an AR generator, an Envelope Follower, an LFO and two VCA’s, It is , in essence, a synth module without an oscillator” – you can see the rest of his review by following the link in the Links tab above

Made in small quantities in Belgium, each Filterbank is still tested & signed off by the designer, Herman Gillis

“The Filterbank is an extremely flexible processor capable of anything from subtlety to destruction — and the best bit is that it always sounds good” – Sound on Sound

“Like any real instrument, it takes time to learn, but will reward you with bucket-loads of analogue charm. The Filterbank has more character than a Marvel franchise, and offers something that software still struggles to deliver — unmistakeable analogue charisma” – Sound on Sound

“Words cannot give enough justice.. I can tell this is a must have, this is the best piece of outboard you’ll ever find, the best filter ever, damn, it’s the reincarnation of Lucifer!!”

“Trouser-flapping, bowel-emptying bedlam. Crack open the Scrumpy and all kneel and praise those who gave birth to this absolute monster. How God intended noises to made. Respect!”

In excellent condition, almost unmarked. Supplied with Euro original power supply plus a UK plug adaptor. Teated & working 100%. Photos to follow

Analogue filter / adsr / lfo / distortion unit
Desktop unit with top-mounted jack sockets
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In excellent condition, almost unmarked. Supplied with Euro original power supply plus UK plug adaptor. Tested & working 100%. Photos to follow