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Jomox T-Resonator MK II Filter / FX



Neat desktop filter unit from Jomox… The T-Resonator II is the kind of thing a mad scientist might create when locked away in a dark room surrounded by modular synthesisers. It’s called a “Time Woven Filter Matrix ” which is as good a description as any – it consists of multiple interlinked LFOs, filters, envelope triggers, reverbs, delays and feedback controls. The final output is dependent on the setting of every control so it’s a tweaker’s delight

When first powered up I got stereo pulsed bass-frequency wobbles and no sign of the audio input and it took some time to work out how to get audio through it. I soon found settings that created interesting, unexpected sounds. For some the apparent randomness of the T-Resonator will be too much but I loved it – it forces you to play and to experiment. The results might not be what you were expecting but that’s a huge part of the appeal

The T-Resonator lies quite a way along the “mad” axis of a graph of audio filters. The Waldorf 2-Pole and the Akai MFC42 lie at the “sensible” end with the various MAM / FAT filters close by, the Mutronics Mutator, Analog Heat and Bugbrand further along, then the Sherman Filterbank and – quite a lot further out there – the Jomox

Great piece of kit, never boring, every rig should have one!

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Stereo-in, stereo-out analog filter / FX / reverb / delay unit. Connections on jack sopckets. No external CV / control inputs. Powered by an external 9V DC power supply (included)
Desktop unit

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In excellent used condition, supplied with new 9V DC UK power supply - EU adaptor supplied on request. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the unit for sale