Korg DRV-1000 Digital Reverb


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The DRV-1000 is a classic, early digital reverb from master keyboard makers Korg.  Designed in 1985, when it was essential for product names to sound high-tech & futuristic, Korg pushed the Go button on their newly-installed PNG-3200 Product Name Generator* and came up with DRV (for Digital Re Verb) and 1000 (for esoteric modernity).

The front panel is super-simple with input & output controls, normal & signal overload LEDs, 8-way pattern selector and an 8-way reverb time selector. Final controls are High Damp & Cancel switches.  High Damp affects the liveliness of the high end, to mimic the typical high frequency fall-off found in well-damped rooms.  The Cancel switch kills the reverb signal, leaving the original signal dry, and this can also be operated via a footswitch

The 8 programs include inverse and gated reverbs – obligatory in the 1980s – and there’s a rear panel jack socket for a footswitch to extend the reverb time to maximum.  Korg likens this to a piano sustain pedal and it’s a neat idea, one I’ve not seen before 

DRV 1000 Programs
1 Small Hall
2 Large Hall
3 Room
4 Garage
5 Vocal Plate
6 Instruments Plate
5 Gated Reverb
5 Reverse








The DRV-1000 is a simple reverb with a limited palette of sounds.  But they are 1980s sounds, which we all know are better than those found today…

What I like about older outboard gear like this is that it doesn’t sound smooth & refined, so it doesn’t sound like everything else. If you want to put something in a space that stands out in a track, try an old Korg, Roland or Yamaha reverb or delay – you’ll be surprised

* Some say the PNG-3200 was also responsible for KITT 2000 (Nightrider), T-101 (Terminator) and HAL 9000 (2001 – A Space Odyssey)

Inputs & outputs are on unbalanced jack sockets and the unit works at a nominal -10 dBm level with maximum input / output levels being +5 dBm.  Two back-panel foot switch jack sockets allow remote control of the Long reverb setting and reverb cancel.  Power supply is internal and the unit has a fixed power cable with a new mains plug fused at 3 Amps

1U rackmount

Brochure http://www.korgforums.com/support/brochure/DRV-1000_1986_Brochure.pdf

Dancetech Review http://www.dancetech.com/item.cfm?threadid=502

Fitment / Dimensions

1U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack.  Fixed power lead, 220 Volt


In good condition for a vintage piece of kit with a couple of minor marks on the front panel