Korg DRV-2000 Digital Reverb


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When the first affordable digital reverbs appeared on the market in the early 80s, a digital arms race developed quickly amongst the major Japanese manufacturers. Everybody wanted a digital reverb, so Yamaha, Roland and Korg dived straight in, followed by Akai, Alesis, Digitech, Casio, Sony, etc, etc

The DRV-2000 was a substantial upgrade from the earlier DRV-1000, with real-time Midi and 24-Bit processing but, like most early reverbs, it is bandwidth-limited with a steep roll-off above 12 kHz. Don’t view this as a drawback though – it’s the restricted bandwidth and limited processing power of 80s reverbs that gives them their sound. It’s a significant part of their character & appeal

The DRV-2000 isn’t just a reverb processor – it’s capable of delays, repeats, flanger effects and, of course, the definitive sound of the 1980s – gated reverb!

Preset programs

  • Reverb small hall
  • Reverb large hall
  • Reverb room
  • Reverb garage
  • Reverb vocal
  • Reverb instrumental
  • Gate reverb 1
  • Gate reverb 2
  • Stereo echo 1
  • Stereo echo 2
  • Stereo echo 3
  • Stereo flanger
  • Stereo chorus
  • Space pan
  • Reverb & echo
  • Reverb & chorus

Early digital reverbs sound very different to modern 24-bit, high-sample rate reverbs. Generally they’re darker, grainier and more dense. They make a good contrast to plugins and newer outboard and provide another aural perspective to work with

220 Volt power input is via a fixed mains cable with a UK mains plug. Input and outputs are on jack sockets and operating level is switchable between -20 and +4 dBm. Jack sockets for two footswitches are provided. MIdi in and Midi out/thru are also on the back panel

Standard 1U device suitable for all 19" racks. 220 Volt & fixed mains cable with a UK mains plug

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In very good condition for a piece of vintage kit. The front panel has minor scratches on the top & bottom edges, and some rack rash. Mains cable is short. Works 100%