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For many people Lexicon is the definitive brand of digital reverb. Along with EMT, Lexicon dominated the market in the 1980s with a range of devices from the PCM70 to the legendary 480L. Lexicon subsequently developed their own proprietary digital reverb processor, the Lexichip, which allowed them to build cheaper, more compact effects processors such as the LXP range

The MRC was launched along with the effects-oriented LXP-5 and LXP-1 Reverb processor. It includes patches to edit all programs in the two units. It speaks fluent Midi so will dump & receive patches via Sysex. It’s designed to allow easy editing of parameters and, as it uses Midi to communicate, it can live remotely from the units. The MRC can also be used with the Lexicon PCM 70 and the LXP-15

This auction is for an MRC and power supply. I have an LXP-1 and LXP-5 combination in another auction


Free-standing Midi Remote Controller with four programmable faders, four programmable pushbuttons and dedicated buttons for editing & storing programs. This MRC has Version 4 software which is the last version available. Version 4 directly supports the LXP-1 & 5 and the LXP-15. Vesrion 3 supports the LXP-1 & 5 and the PCM 70


The LXP-1 is primarily a reverb processor and has a great range of reverb, room, ambience and gated reverb programs. In addition it has two chorus and two delay programs – see listing below. It has full Midi implementation which allows control of virtually all parameters. Lexicon dubs this “Dynamic Midi”


The LXP-5 is not just a reverb processor but combines reverb and effects programs. It has a wide variety of programs (see listing below). It has full Midi implementation which allows control of virtually all parameters. Lexicon dubs this “Dynamic Midi”

Technical (LXP-1 & LXP-5)
Stereo inputs & outputs are unbalanced on jack sockets and the unit works at a nominal +4 dBu level. The input will accept signals down to -25 dBu and signal presence / overload are shown on signal LEDs. A footswitch jack socket allows remote control of effect bypass, register steps or any on/off parameter. Midi In and Out / 11Thru are provided on standard 5-pin DIN sockets with an Out / Thru switch on the back panel. Power input is via an external 9 VAC power unit (supplied) which plugs into a standard UK mains socket

Tablet-style remote controller with four programmable soft faders & four pushbuttons. Dedicated Watch / Setup / Store / Prog / Edit buttons and a numeric keypad 2 Midi inputs & two Midi outputs plus two analog controller inputs, 9 VAC power input, on / off switch and a display contrast control
Freestanding tablet-style device. Power input is via an external 9 VAC power unit (supplied) with a standard UK mains plug  
Links (all units) MRC Product page http://lexiconpro.com/en/products/mrc MRC Product manual https://3e7777c294b9bcaa5486-bc95634e606bab3d0a267a5a7901c44d.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product_documents/documents/1144_1340214378/mrc_manual_original.pdf MRC Owners Addendum for V4 software revision https://3e7777c294b9bcaa5486-bc95634e606bab3d0a267a5a7901c44d.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product_documents/documents/1145_1340214395/MRC_4_0_Owners_Addendum_original.pdf Editing with the MRC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF3QbjWs4Ng https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF3QbjWs4Ng&t=40s
Product page http://lexiconpro.com/en/products/lxp-1 http://lexiconpro.com/en/products/lxp-5 Youtube MRC & LXP-5 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF3QbjWs4Ng&t=40s Owner's Manual http://rdn.harmanpro.com/product_documents/documents/1055_1340211306/LXP1_original.pdf https://3e7777c294b9bcaa5486-bc95634e606bab3d0a267a5a7901c44d.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product_documents/documents/1061_1340211456/LXP5_original.pdf  Harmony Central 4 Star ★★★★★ Review http://www.harmonycentral.com/reviews/product/lexicon-lxp-1 http://www.harmonycentral.com/reviews/product/lexicon-lxp-5 Audiofanzine 5 Star ★★★★★ Review http://en.audiofanzine.com/misc-effects-accessory/lexicon/MRC/user_reviews/ http://en.audiofanzine.com/multi-effects-processor/lexicon/LXP-1/user_reviews/ http://en.audiofanzine.com/multi-effects-processor/lexicon/LXP-5/user_reviews/ Equipboard Review http://equipboard.com/items/lexicon-lxp-1 http://equipboard.com/items/lexicon-lxp-5  LXP-1 Dark Hall Youtube Demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1NRSWu85v4 http://www.harmonycentral.com/reviews/product/lexicon-lxp-5  Radio & Production Review of LXP-5 & MRC https://www.rapmag.com/a/1990s/44-90/aug90/681-test-drive-lexicon-lxp-5-and-mrc
Excellent used condition, almost unmarked. Supplied with a new external 9 VAC power supply. Tested & working 100% All vintage gear will have case scratches and marks. It may also have, or develop, noisy pots and switches. I make my descriptions as accurate as possible and note any existing defects. I test each item before shipping but please understand that vintage gear will not be perfect and adjust your expectations accordingly