Moog Minifooger MF Flange v2


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Moog Music followed up the successful MoogerFooger units with the MiniFooger range, packing lots of Moog analogue goodness into a smaller footprint…

The MF Flange differs from most flangers in having a Time control. This sets the delay time of the flanger and can be controlled by an expression footpedal. Using Time and the usual Rate, Depth and Feedback controls, the MF Flange is capable of an extremely wide range of time-based effects, from phasing and flanging through to tremolo and chorus-like effects

At maximum the Rate control gives a super-fast oscillation – not always useful, but it’s there for when you want to go crazy. On top of these four controls, the Type switch allows feedback to be switched between positive & negative, giving yet more opportunities to change the sound

You won’t get to the bottom of the MF Flange in a few minutes. There’s plenty to learn in the way the controls interact and how the Time & Type settings affect the effect. You’ll find yourself diving down a deep hole of experimentation – a deep, swirly, sweepy hole of audio experimentation – which will keep you entertained for hours

I’m a fan of all time-bsed effects that allow experimentation and encourage madness. The MF Flange scores very highly on those criteria and the MF Flange is the latest entrant in my Flanger Hall of Fame

“All-analog, BBD based harmonic manipulator with a two selectable voices and mono or stereo output capabilities. vocal or a traditional flanger” – Moog Music

“Plugging in and tinkering with the Minifooger, for what turned into hours, we quickly found that subtlety can be achieved by keeping the Depth and Rate knobs just off minimum and using the (delay) Time and Feedback controls to carve out the space”

“It leaves our old pedals in the dust with regard to range: the MF Flange can do what most flangers do in the first 20% and then spins off into space where the term flanger starts to lose relevance. The subtitle of Bucket Brigade Harmonic Manipulator does indeed seem more appropriate”

“On top of the flanging, it is capable of producing a tighter shimmering effect, like chorusing, and some notch modulations that come out as more phaser-like”

“It offers some of the lushest analogue flange tones we’ve heard in quite some time” – Music Radar

“At various settings (and especially with an expression pedal in the mix) it can deliver unique, outside-the-box phase, chorus, rotary, tape flange, and wah sounds”

“This pedal is excellent and covers a gamut of uses, from subtle ear-candy to explosively crazy sonic cyclones”

“An insane amount of range, especially with the expression pedal utilized. The only flange sound it does not approach is through-zero. As a static filter, utilizing the expression pedal’s sweep, strange and wonderful things are possible. Subtle, whacked out, faux-chorus – whatever you want, it’s all there, beautiful and analog. I love it”

Bucket-Brigade-based flanger from Moog Music. Analogue circuitry with a jack for an expression pedal

80 x 140 x 60mm

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In excellent used condition, almost like new. In original box wilth manual & power supply. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the MF Flanger for sale