MXR M-129 Analogue Pitch Transposer #1


The MXR M-129 is a super-rare analog pitch transposer that melds digital ideas & analog circuitry to produce one of the first viable pitch shifters. Like the original Eventide H910, it’s a characterful beast that is as wonderful as it is unpredictable

I’ve spent many hours with the H910 and prefer it to the H949 and later Eventides. It lacks the deglitch circuitry of the H949 and, for my money, it’s more interesting as a result. So it is with the M-129 – it’s not a clean, clear pitch-shifter, but more of an idea generator, a tool to produce the unpredictable

This M-129 has been refurbished by a top UK tech and will be ready soon. More info to follow


Youtube demos    
In very good condition for a vintage piece. Serviced & refurbished by a top UK tech, this M-129 is ready to go. Photos to follow