Roland RSP-550 Stereo Signal Processor #1


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Early 90s true-stereo effects unit from Roland. The RSP-550 builds on the results of research carried out by Roland into perception & spatialisation. These are rare & hard to find now!

There is a sysex patch librarian for the RSP-550 in Midi Quest 12. Link for V1.02 and V1.04 patches here

“RSP-550 is a sleeper multi-FX unit. Even if you only use the superb Phasers & Chorus, they’re worth the (very modest) price of admission IMHO”

“There are some really sweet presets on this box, I especially love the ensemble/chorus and phasers on synth pad”

“Sleeper classic…the modulations/chorus are OUTSTANDING but there’s other gems in there too. Love this unit! Enjoy!”

“I do love the phaser, flanger, and delays on the 550. Preset 33 is another borrowed classic in v 1.04 — Tiled Room. lol”

“The phasers are REALLY good. I don’t really know what they sound like, assuming they even sound like anything else”

We’ve replaced the backup battery and fitted a new LCD backlight and the RSP is ready to go. In great condition. Has a vertical line of dead pixels in the display but the effect is minimal. Photos show the unit for sale

Owners Manual

Algorithm Guide

Matrixsynth review

Vintage Digital Review Gearspace discussion Sound on Sound / Muzines Review Youtube demo RSS-550 Step Phaser demo Service manual
In excellent, used condition with minor case marks. Tested & working great. Has a vertical line of dead pixels on the main display but the effect is minimal. Fitted with new backup battery and new display backlight Tested & working great. Photos show the item for sale