Roland SDE-330 Dimensional Space Delay 100 Volt #4


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The SDE-330 is a programmable digital delay system with  RSS 3D processing to create 3D sound fields. It has extensive remote controllability with most parameters controllable over Midi. It has stereo inputs & outputs with twin effect engines for true-stereo operation

RSS (Roland Sound Space) is a Roland research project

Controllers and range scaling can be defined so a mod wheel (for example) can control 100% of the value or 10%. Five of these mappings are available

It’s a twin-engine delay line with resonant multimode filters, modulation matrix, feedback & LFO

[Some info derived from discussion on the vintagesynth forum – link in the Links tab]

“Woo boy I like it a lot. Super easy to program, and it sounds gorgeous. It’s a nice glossy rub over everything”

“Best digital delay I’ve ever used, easy to program etc”

“The 3D is subtle, but the 3D non-linear reverbs are insane crazy”

“SDE-330 is one of the most versatile delays of today… not just a great effector – its an expressive musical instrument”


  • Simple 3D Delay
  • Simple Delay
  • Stereo 3D Delay
  • Stereo Delay
  • 8 Tap 3D Delay
  • 8 Tap Delay
  • Quad 3D Delay
  • Quad Delay
  • Duck 3D Delay
  • Duck Delay
  • 4 Pitch Shift 3D Delay
  • 4 Pitch Shift Delay
  • Reverse 3D Delay
  • Reverse Delay
  • Mono 3D Non Linear
  • Mono Non Linear
  • Stereo 3D Non Linear
  • Stereo Non Linear
  • Precision Delay

Tech info

  • 16-Bit Delta-Sigma ADDA
  • Discrete stereo algorithms for independent processing with 30-bit internal signal processing for a clear and accurate sound
  • 19 built-in effects algorithms including innovative 3-D Spatial Simulator for 3-D delay effects
  • 3-band parametric EQ for pre- and post-equalization
  • 200 preset patches, 100 user patches
  • MIDI & realtime control via remote control & expression jacks
  • +4/-20dBm switchable stereo input/output on jacks

Owners Manual

In excellent condition with minimal rack rash. Tested & working 100%. 100 Volt Japanese-spec model, will require a transformer for use in the UK / EU – see the Technical tab for details. Photos show the SDE-330 for sale

Stereo-in, stereo-out digital effects unit with lots of user memories. Inputs & outputs are on jack sockets and levels are switchable +4 / -10 dB to match pro or semi-pro equipment

You can use a cheap 110 Volt eBay / Amazon adaptor to power this unit. However I would recommend using a better-quality unit such as the Airlink product. The device is rated at 100 Volts. Use of a 110 Volt supply (typical American adaptors are 110 Volt) is not likely to cause problems as the voltage is within 10% of the rated voltage. However for long-term use a better-quality transformer will run cooler and give better results. The Airlink products are available in 100V and 110V versions - buy appropriately  

Standard rackmount 1U device

Manual with Algorithms

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Youtube demo


In very good, used condition. Minimal rack rash. Tested & working 100%. 100 Volt Japanese-spec model, will require a transformer for use in the UK / EU. Photos show the SDE-330 for sale