Roland SRV-3030 24-Bit Digital Reverb / Effects


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Successor to the SDE-330 and SRV-330, the SRV-3030 is a 1U rackmount effects processor. It’s a 24-Bit, twin-engine device that combines reverb, delays, chorus / flanging / phasing & other effects as well as Roland’s RSS (Roland Sound Space) spatial effect programs

“The 3030 can do some cool tricks, like modulating reverb parameters by input level, or splitting signal by frequency between effects units. Want dry lows and sparkly reverb’d highs? Done. In addition to the main algorithms, there are resonator, phaser, and flanger/chorus effects available. You can use up to four MIDI controllers per patch”

In excellent, used condition, tested & working 100%. Photos show the SRV for sale

Stereo-in, stereo-out digital 24-Bit effects unit with lots of user memories

Standard rackmount 1U device

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In excellent, used condition with minimal rack rash. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the SRV for sale