Roland SRV-330 Dimensional Space Reverb #10


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The SRV-330 is a digital reverb system which draws on technology developed by Roland for the RSS 3D processing research project and includes presets derived directly from the professional R-880 digital reverb

With 400 presets, including 100 user memories, the SRV offers multiple versions of each preset and plenty of room to store your own patches. External pedals & midi controllers can be used for real-time control of effects, program change messages can be used to change presets and programs can be archived via Sysex

The SRV-330 has stereo inputs & outputs end uses separate left and right processors for true-stereo operation. Levels are switchable between -20 and +4 dB so the unit is easy to interface to semi-pro or professional setups

“The SRV is undoubtedly one of the best things I’ve ever bought, and it’s reverb is still a class unto it’s own”

“I’ve used a lot of verbs and delays in my years, but w/out question, The SRV330 is one of my all time favorites. SDE330 is just as good”

Tech info

  • 16-Bit Delta-Sigma ADDA
  • Discrete stereo algorithms for independent processing with 30-bit internal signal processing for a clear and accurate sound
  • 19 built-in effects algorithms including innovative 3-D Spatial Simulator for 3-D delay effects
  • 300 preset patches, 100 user patches
  • MIDI & realtime control via remote control & expression jacks
  • +4/-20dBm switchable stereo input/output on jacks

In excellent condition with minimal rack rash. 220V UK model. Tested & working 100%.  Photos show the SRV-330 for sale

Stereo-in, stereo-out digital effects unit with lots of user memories

Standard rackmount 1U device

Owners Manual

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In very good, used condition. Minimal rack rash. Tested & working 100%. 220V UK model. Photos show a SRV-330 sold previously