Electro Voice EVT 4500 Spring Reverb


In prep now…

Rackmount spring reverb from Electro-Voice. The EVT 4500 has an input limiter, three-band equaliser and twin reverb springs. The reverb time pot balances the output of the two springs to change the reverb time

More info to follow

“Electro-Voice EVT 4500 spring reverb! What an underrated amazing sounding hidden gem! We were very much surprised, too It has almost a plate kind of sound quality to it with a unique old-school sonic character! It has 2 different lush sounding spring units inside”

“It has a very cool and vintage-y spring sound, similar in function to a Fender unit but darker in character. Darker in a good way; we have thought about selling this multiple times, but every time we plug it back in we reconsider because it just sounds awesome”

Rackmount spring reverb unit
1U racjmount
In excellent, used condition with minimal marks. Tested & working 100% Photos to follow