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The Fireworx is a high-spec effects unit in a neat 1U box. It differs from effects like the TC Electronics M2000 in that the effects can be arranged into chains to create complex effects. It has more than thirty-five algorithms, grouped under twelve block keys, and each algorithm draws from a pool of processing power in the main processor. The effect blocks can be combined in any combination in an 8 x 8 routing grid
Effects can be controlled by external modifiers, such as a footswitch, controller or Midi controller, and internal modifiers like ADSR, LFO, envelope and pitch detectors. Tempo-based parameters can be synced to a global tempo derived from a tempo setting, Midi clock or tap tempo. Modifiers are setup via the Modifier Matrix and can be stored to User memory settings
The Fireworx has great connectivity. It has:

  • Two channels of balanced analogue audio inputs & outputs on XLR connectors
  • SP/DIF digital in & out on phono connectors
  • ADAT digital in & out on Toslink connectors
  • AES/EBU digital in & out on XLR connectors
  • Optional Word Clock input
  • Midi in / out / thru on 5-pin DIN midi connectors
  • Footswitch or foot controller input on a jack socket
  • Universal auto-switching mains power supply (100-240 VAC) with standard IEC connector

The Fireworx is ideal for use with a DAW via the built-in digital ins & outs, particularly as it supports SP/DIF, ADAT format and AES/EBU. AD/DA convertors are 24-Bit and internal processing is also 24-Bit so the unit supports 24-Bit digital inputs. When using the analogue inputs the digital ins & outs can be used as a patchable insert in an effects chain

The Fireworx comes loaded with 200 presets giving a wide palette of basic sounds. There is almost infinite scope for editing & tweaking of presets so the most complex & outlandish effects are possible
“Individual effect algorithms are almost impossible to fault, and they all sound extremely good even when used in isolation”

“I found it very easy to get ‘weird’ stuff out of it quickly”

“I play a lot of Industrial, dark, ambient, trip-hop. This box seemed to be made for me.”
“Really awesome sound quality”
“On the incredible creative potential. All those who love the sound hack uncompromising flow into one ear and than done as good”

Effect algorithms


  • Pipeline
  • Insert Loop
  • Feedback


  • Expander / Gate
  • Soft Compressor
  • Hard Compressor / Limiter
  • Formant


  • •Vocoder
  • Ring Modulator (external)
  • Ring Modulator (internal)


  • Single Voice
  • Dual Voice


  • Resonance
  • Bandpass
  • Phaser
  • Resonator
  • Resochord


  • Drive
  • Cruncher


  • Curve generator
  • Chaos generator
  • Noise generator


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1U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack. Universal auto-switching mains power supply, 100-240 Volt with standard IEC connector. UK IEC or Euro Schuko power cable supplied on request
Owners manual Product Page Tech Specs Sound on Sound Review Harmony Central 4 Star ★★★★ Review AudioFanzine 4.75 Star  Review George Shilling Review TC Fireworx video demonstration  
In excellent used condition. Some case scratches but the front panel is almost unmarked. Works 100%