TC Electronic M2000 Reverb / Effects


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The M2000 is a full-featured reverb / effects unit in a neat 1U box. It’s a twin-engine device so can process two signals at the same time. The engines can be used in series or in parallel – there’s a very good explanation of this in the Sound on Sound review (link below)

The M2000 has great connectivity. It has:

  • two channels of balanced analogue audio inputs & outputs on XLR connectors
  • SP/DIF digital in & out on phono connectors
  • AES/EBU digital in & out on XLR connectors
  • Midi in / out / thru on 5-pin DIN midi connectors
  • Footswitch input on a jack socket
  • Universal auto-switching mains power supply (100-240 VAC) with standard IEC connector

The M2000 is ideal for use with a DAW via the built-in digital ins & outs, particularly as it supports SP/DIF and AES/EBU. AD/DA convertors are 24-Bit and internal processing is also 24-Bit so the unit supports 24-Bit digital inputs

It’s equally at home in an analogue setup with professional balanced inputs & outputs on XLR connectors. Inputs & outputs are stereo and processing can be stereo or split into two separate 1-in, 2-out effects with up to six effect chain setups

The M2000 offers effect morphing where low-level signals can be treated differently to louder ones. This allows effects to be dialled back on louder passages – or increased, or morphed into a different effect altogether. There’s lots of flexibility to create effects specific to your requirements

“Not the fanciest effects box around but certainly one of the best as far as sound quality goes, and probably one of the easiest to use”

“One cannot fault the t.c. on a technical level: the sound quality is fantastic, the reverbs very smooth, and the noise levels very low”

“The effects themselves are startlingly clean — one of the hallmarks of TC equipment.”

Effect algorithms

  • Hall reverb
  • Room reverb
  • Plate reverb
  • Ambience reverb
  • Gated reverb
  • Chorus
  • Flanger
  • Phaser
  • Delay
  • Multi Pitch-Shift – six independent harmonizers
  • EQ
  • Tremolo
  • Stereo – spatial expansion & LPF
  • Dynamics – compressor, limiter, gate & de-esser
Digital FX unit with balanced analogue inputs & outputs, 24-Bit digital inputs & outputs and 24-bit internal processing
1U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack. Universal auto-switching mains power supply, 100-240 Volt with standard IEC mains connector. IEC mains cable supplied on request
Owners manual Product Page Tech Specs Sound on Sound Review George Shilling Review
In excellent used condition. Some case scratches but the front panel is almost unmarked