TC Electronic M3000 Reverb / Effects


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Digital effects processor from TC Electronics. The M3000 combines delays, pitch-shifting, chorus/phasing/flanging, de-essing, tremelo, panner, compressor & expander/gate and a very well-designed digital reverb unit into a neat 1U box

It’s a twin-engine device so can process two signals at the same time and the engines can be used in series or in parallel. There’s a very good explanation of this in the Sound on Sound review (link below)

The M3000 has great connectivity. It has:

  • two channels of balanced analogue audio in & out on XLRs
  • SP/DIF digital in & out on phono connectors
  • AES/EBU digital in & out on XLRs
  • ADAT or SP/DIF in & out via fibre-optic TOSlink connectors
  • Digital sync in on a phono connector
  • Midi in / out / thru on 5-pin DIN midi connectors
  • Footswitch input on a jack socket
  • Mains input (100-240 VAC) on a standard IEC connector

The M3000 is a very capable unit. The product page (see link below) has sound samples of various effects and is probably the best way to find out what it is capable of. Along with the Sound on Sound review (link below) you should get a good overview

Ideal for use with a DAW via the built-in digital ins & outs, particularly as the M3000 supports SP/DIF, AES/EBU and TOSlink. It’s also equally at home in an analogue setup as it has balanced inputs & outputs and is a true 2-channel device

1U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack. 240 Volt with standard IEC mains connector. IEC mains cable supplied on request
Owners manual
Product Page
Sound on Sound Review
Excellent, used condition with very minor rack rash