Roland SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth Expansion Board


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Sound expansion board for Roland SR-JV80 synths including the JV-1080 and JV-2080. These boards plug into expansion sockets to provide additional patches, rhythms & samples

The Vintage Synth expansion board contains expertly-sampled versions of the most popular & useable vintage synths such as the Mini Moog, classic Oberheim OB-series and others including the Wasp, Juno, JX3P, D50, MKS series, TB303, VP330, ARP 2600 and Solina, Memory Moog, Yamaha CS80 and PPG Wave

A must-have board for every keyboardist interested in classic synthesizer patches, SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth focuses on a myriad of classic waveforms from all synthesizers ‘that count’ – including many from Roland’s own stable

On offer are lots of samples from such classics as Roland Jupiter and Super-Jupiter, SH series, Juno, VP-330, but also from other brands such as Oberheim OB series, Moog, ARP, Sequential Circuits, and many more

The sound quality of this collection is superb – the programmers were able to capture the analog feel of most of the samples, and treated them with expert programming to add even more authenticity to the static waveforms

The Vintage Synth card is the most sought-after of the SR-JV expansion boards. It’s one of the stand-outs in a particularly good selection of samples from Roland

The Vintage Synth card includes:

  • High quality Vintage Synth sounds for Roland synthesizers (see compatibility guide below)
  • 255 waveforms
  • 255 patches

See our SR-JV80 page for more info on expansion cards & JV resources

These expansion boards plug into the synth modules & keyboards listed below. They are easy to fit

Owners Manual & list of sounds Product details Support documents Sound Samples Patch listing Sound on Sound Review Compatibility guide - definitive list of synths that work with these cards List of SR-JV 80 Expansion Boards SR-JV 80 Synth Information

In excellent used condition. Works 100%