Texas Instruments Speak & Spell #1 Red Version


This is a Texas Instruments Speak & Spell children’s toy / spelling tutor

The technology behind Speak & Spell was also used in Speak & Read and Speak & Math

The Datamath Calculator Museum has lots of background to the Speak & Spell and related units like the Music Star

I haven’t disassembled the unit so don’t know if the language is switchable inside. Possibly it is, but it may also be made with different ROM versions for each language.There are many good demos on Youtube demonstrating the various versions of Speak & Spell. See the Links tab for links

In very good, used condition with little wear on the keyboard. Takes four AA cells. Audio output via built-in speaker or 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Tested & working 100%. Photos to follow

Takes four AA cells (not supplied). Audio output via built-in speaker or 3.5 mm headphone jack. German version

Datamath Calculator Museum


Demo of English version  

Texas Instruments leaflet

Circuit Bent Speak & Spell



In excellent used condition with minor marks. The membrane switch panel is in remarkably good condition, almost unmarked. Tested & working 100%.