RME Fireface 800


Under construction

The Fireface 800 is a classic audio interface from RME. Famous for compatibility, superb software drivers and providing ongoing support for obsolete products, RME is in a class of one in the industry

The Fireface 800 has eight standard line inputs & outputs plus headphone outputs, mic inputs, instrument inputs and comprehensive digital i/o with Wordclock, Firewire 400 & 800 and two sets of TOSlink connectors for ADAT-style i/o. This allows sixteen more channels of digital i/o using external interfaces.It has RME Totalmix FX software to route audio between inputs & outputs and to create headphone mixes. It’s also a full-featured Midi interface

A complete description of the Fireface 800 and its capabilities can be found on the multilingual RME website

This Fireface 800 has a recapped power supply and a new headphone potentiometer. It’s tested & working 100%