Roland M-16E Line Mixer with EQ #2


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This Roland M-16E is in excellent condition, almost unmarked, with all original knobs & switches – it’s the nicest I’ve seen. The mixer has been tested in our workshops and we’ve replaced the old 2-pin power socket with an IEC so a standard IEC power cable can be used. This M-16E is tested, packed & ready to ship. Photos show the mixer for sale

The Roland M16E is the big daddy of the M160. The main additional features of the M16E are listed below

  • 3-Band equaliser on each channel
  • Switchable phantom power for condensor microphones
  • Post-eq insert socket
  • Channel cut switch
  • Channel Cue switch
  • Five sends
  • Four stereo returns

The M-16E is a rackmount 16-channel mixer ideal for keyboard rigs & home recording setups. It can also be used as a summing mixer. Each channel has a three-band equaliser with 100 Hz LF, 10 kHz HF and an MF (mid frequency band) sweepable from 200 Hz to 5 kHz. Equaliser range is ± 15 dB so there’s plenty of boost & cut available

Each channel has a linear fader, pan pot, three echo sends and one aux send. The first two channels are sensitive enough for microphones (-50 to -10 dBm) and the rest are line inputs (-20 to +4 dBm)

The three echo sends are post-fader and the aux send is globally switchable between pre and post-fader. Echo sends are mono and returns are stereo (mono if just the L jack is used). The aux send & return is mono

The headphone output is fed by the pre-fader mix output, and the back panel has a “Phones Mix In” jack to allow other sources to be monitored simultaneously. All other connections are on the back panel

Roland has made provision for stacking multiple mixers: the back panel has bus in jacks for the four sends, so two mixers can share the same effects & aux sends. The mix out from a second mixer can be routed to a stereo echo return or patched to two channels. In this way it’s easy to combine the M16E with other mixers

“It’s a 19″ rack mixer. Has good faders and good knobs. Feels very solid which is a good point. The thing has 3 buses, 2 auxes and 4 sends & returns”

“It sounds very clean and natural 🙂 I really like this one. It would be in my rack for the next couple of years”

The M-16E packs a lot into a relatively small front panel but the layout is logical & easy to use. The channel faders and input pots have a nice feel and the knobs & fader caps are all in perfect condition. Each channel has a dual-colour LED to show signal & peak level and the main output has a pair of LED peak meters. An additional meter shows the level of the monitor out or, when the Cue button is pressed, the level of the cue output

The M-16E is ideal for submixes, headphone mixes, keyboards, effects returns, summing & etc – anything that requires lots of inputs in a small space – and the addition of EQ makes it a more powerful unit than the M-160. The provision of phantom power for microphones opens up lots of possibilities, as do the channel insert points. The three effect sends, plus an aux, make it easy to create headphone mixes or add reverbs. Dedicated effect returns mean that effects don’t eat up channels. It’s a great utility mixer & general problem solver

There’s lots of room inside the chassis and on the back panel for modifications, so if you wanted to fit D-sub connectors for inputs, a 1/8″ socket for headphones or a built-in bus compressor, there’s plenty of space to do it. Contact me if you need any modifications

This Roland M-16E is in excellent condition and is packed, ready to ship. Photos show the M-16E for sale. UK or Euro IEC power cable supplied on request

Rackmount mixer, 6U format. 220 Volt with a standard IEC power socket. UK or Euro IEC power cable supplied on request Balanced mic inputs on XLR connectors & switchable phantom power on the first eight channels, sixteen channels in total. All channels have an insert point at -4 dBm level. Master outputs are on XLR connectors, all the rest are on jack sockets. Page 5 of the owners manual (see the Links tab) has a block diagram & signal flow chart

19" 6U device suitable for all 19" racks. 11.6 Kg so no lightweight!

Owners manual

Technical Specs


Excellent used condition with minimal rack rash or scratches. This is the nicest Roland rack mixer I've seen. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the M-16E for sale

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