TSL BBG-1 Dual Big Bargraph Display PPM Meter


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TSL Dual bargraph in 1U rack. Each meter has L & R audio inputs plus an input for AES/EBU digital signal. The tri-colour meters have peak hold plus a numerical digital level readout and phase display

The two meters give four channels of metering of analogue or digital signals


  • Stereo analogue input
  • AES digital input
  • 106 segment bargraph


  • Dual Hi Resolution 106 Segment Tri Colour Bargraph Displays
  • User-selectable alpha-numeric indication of level, accurate to within 0.1dB
  • Scales available: UK PPM, EBU PPM, VU, Nordic, DIN, EBU Digital
  • Selectable bargraph loudness indication
  • Balanced AES and analogue audio inputs
  • Precision ballistics with peak hold, 0dB marker and dot/bar display
  • Phase correlation bargraph
  • 12v DC input
  • AC mains adaptor included, auto-selecting 110v-240v
  • AUDIO INPUTS: 1 x balanced AES/EBU (XLR) 1 x balanced stereo analogue (XLR)
Standard 19" rackmount device
Excellent used condition