Sony ECM-77B Lavalier Tie Clip Microphone


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Industry-standard lavalier microphone by Sony. These have been standard-issue in broadcast since the 1980s and are still hard at work today

Comes with a tie-clip for attaching to clothes plus a long, thin mic cable attached the to the battery pack / preamp. These mics will work from a 1.5-volt AA cell housed in the body of the preamp, or can be phantom powered

These mics are still in production and are around £400 new

Supplied with long cable & XLR mic pre. Tested & working 100%. Photos show the microphone for sale

"The King of Lavaliers" on Youtube Pro Sony  
In very good, used condition. Supplied with a long cable & XLR preamp. Tested & working 100%. Photo show the microphone for sale