Genelec 8020A Active Studio Monitor Speaker


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Genelec is the market leader in active studio loudspeakers. Since the 1980s, Genelec has produced a wide range of active monitors for audio monitoring. All their speakers are suitable for professional or home recording studio monitoring as they produce a balanced, predictable and repeatable response enabling a consistent monitoring environment
The 8020A is a diminutive bi-amplified active monitor with two drivers. It is fitted with treble tilt, bass rolloff and bass tilt controls to enable response to be tailored for the preferred response. Genelec produces a matching separate bass unit to complement the 8020A – the 7050B subwoofer – which combine to make a full-range monitoring system
Despite their size, the 8020A maintains the Genelec “house sound” with a well-managed frequency response ideal for critical listening. It’s also capable of peak levels around 105 dB, which means it can be LOUD
The 8020A is ideal for stereo monitoring or as part of a 5.1 or 7.1 system. It can be combined with other Genelec speakers and still maintain a consistent sound. I have three speakers available

“I can’t think of any speaker this size that delivers such clean, wide-spectrum audio as does the 8020A”
“Although tiny in size, this trio is not wimpy in delivery, offering transparent highs, a detailed midrange and punch in the low-end”
“They are spot-on accurate for critical listening, and I’d think twice before ignoring them just because they’re small”
“Big things do come in small packages, and these speakers prove it”

Active speaker with an electronically-balanced input (and link-through output) on XLR connectors. Power input is via a standard IEC mains connector and is 230 Volt only. The free-field frequency response is 66Hz-20kHz ±2.5dB and maximum output at one metre is 105 dB for a pair of speakers. Each speaker is 151 x 142 x 242 mm and weighs 3.7 Kg The 8020A comes as standard with Iso-Pod speaker mounts to help isolate vibration from whatever the speaker is mounted on. The speaker also has a ⅜-inch UNC threaded hole for mounting on a mic stand and additional mounting points on the rear
Each speaker is 151 x 142 x 242 mm and weighs 3.7 Kg
Product Page Operating Manual  Sound on Sound Review Future Music 4 Star ★★★★ Review Music Tech Review Electronic Musician Review Audiofanzine 4.35 ★★★★★ Star Review  
In extremely good used condition with minimal marks on the case. In perfect working condition. These speakers have come direct from a well-known UK record producer. I have three speakers available