Shure FP42 Stereo Mic Preamp / Limiter


Big brother of the M267, the FP42 is a later design with four mono inputs, pan-pots and a stereo output bus. It also features the famous Shure opto limiter, a wonderful device for smashing drums & guitars. It’s a really characterful limiter, making the sound denser and denser as you crank the inputs

Very useful as a simple four-channel mic preamp / mixer, the FP42 has mic & line level inputs with a lo-cut switch. With transformers in & out they have a sound of their own – cleaner than the M267, and fairly neutral till you start cranking levels and exploring the limiter. There are internal trimpots to set the limiter threshold – I’ve set them at max sensitivity so it kicks in early

I have two FP42s in stock, tested, boxed & ready to ship