MXR M-136 Dual Limiter


Rare & rather wonderful compressor from MXR, the M-136 Dual Limiter is a real change from boring VCA compressors. It uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control gain reduction, a process previously only used on high-end compressors from the likes of EMT and PYE

The result, in the case of the MXR, is a characterful compressor with a sound of its own. It’ll pump & grind with the best of them and the sidechain inserts make it easy to key it externally or make it less sensitive to bass content

The MXR is not exactly subtle, but has a sound that is very appealing & one you’ll struggle to replicate elsewhere

It’s a bit of a one-off!

Refurbished & recapped in our workshops…

MXR M-136 Dual Limiter (Refurbished & Recapped)