Boss CE-300 Super Chorus #11 – Recapped, Modified & Refurbished

The Boss CE-300 is one of the great Boss / Roland chorus devices, but it’s always been aimed more at instruments than studio use. The modifications devised by Don Solaris, laid out on Gearslutz back in 2010, change the gain structure and make it a more usable device. I’ve taken these mods, added a few ideas of my own, and recapped this CE-300 all the way through

The modifications improve the CE-300 greatly and recapping brings back the depth of sound & character that’s lost over time. The first one of these went to a producer at Tileyard Studios and the second is ready now

I’ll upload photos of the modified unit in the next couple of days

Boss CE-300 Super Chorus #6 sold previously. Photos of the refurbished CE-300 to follow