Moog Slim Phatty


One of the last synths built with input from Bob Moog, the Slim Phatty is the rack version of the Sub Phatty

If you’re familiar with a Minimoog the Slim Phatty will be a piece of cake to learn. It’s a two-oscillator synth with a full-featured filter section, an LFO modulation section and two ADSRs. Like most modern synths it had USB & OG midi, user memories and instant recall of patches. This means it’s easy to setup & store patches locally or dump them to a DAW via Sysex

The Slim Phatty then goes one better by adding a gate input and CV inputs for volume, filter and pitch. This means easy integration with Eurorack synths & other modular kit

It sounds as good as it looks. I want one!

Moog Slim Phatty #5 with rack ears