On the bench: Orban 414A Compressor

This Orban 414A is in exceptional condition and refurbishing it has been something of a labour of love. We’ve rebuilt & recapped the power supply and switched it to 220 Volt via an internal jumper. The electrolytics in the audio path have been replaced with Panasonic bipolar caps and the original incandescent bulbs replaced with white LEDs, dimmed down so they’re not too bright. The back panel had the option for XLR connectors so we’ve fitted Neutrik XLRs wired in parallel with the original barrier strip. This means no pigtails are needed to hook the compressor up…

The whole process took far longer than planned but it’s a great-sounding compressor, beautifully made in the 1980s, and I think it deserves to be brought back to peak performance

Orban 414A in the shop

Orban 414A back panel XLR mounting holes

Orban 414A meters

Orban 414A power supply

Orban 414A meters

Orban 414A label