Aphex 9721 Dominator


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New Old Stock Aphex Dominator 9721 module for the dbx 900-Series rack

The Dominator is a VCA-based limiter based on analogue control concepts devised by Aphex. It’s super-transparent in operation – so much so that it’s sometimes hard to hear what it’s doing. With the correct threshold settings, and particularly with short release times, the Dominator starts to get more obvious and it’s quite a tool for working with drums tracks & loops

The Dominator has a simple two-band EQ with switchable turnover frequencies and a density control to set how much each band contributes to the sidechain

For help on how to configure the Dominator, see my Hardware Setup guide, originally written for the rackmount Dominator II Model 720 / 723 but also relevant to this 900-Series module

I have a pair of unused, new-old-stock 9721s for sale, either as part of a complete dbx 900 rack, or individually. Photos show the Dominators for sale

NOS, unused except for testing & photography