Deltalab Effectron II ADM 1024 with infinite repeat #22 (recapped & refurbished)


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This Effectron has been refurbished & recapped in our workshops and been switched to 220 Volt operation for use in the UK & EU

The Effectron was part of the first wave of digital gear to hit studios in the early 1980s. RAM was super-expensive so many units had short delay times and were designed for chorus, flanging, phasing and doubling. The more expensive devices like the Effectron ADM 1024 had around 1 second of delay time

Deltalab was part of the booming Massachussetts hi-tech audio industry of the 1970s and 80s which included Lexicon & Bose. In 2016, Akamai, Analog Devices, B&W and THAT Corporation are prominent Mass manufacturers

Founder of Deltalab, Richie DeFreitas, holds a number of patents for “An electrical system of the type in which a digitally encoded signal is determined at least in part by the difference between a present value of an input signal and a reference signal representative of a past value of the input signal”. Otherwise known as Delta-encoding, this was one of the key technologies enabling digital audio

Effectrons are quirky, entertaining devices with lots of character. By varying the modulation depth & speed they produce effects from a slow phase, via a deep flange & warbling chorus right through to pitch-bending, gargling, modulated delays. They have a unique sound and definite mojo!

Effectrons are famous for  killer flanging & phasing effects. This 1024 has enough delay time to do repeats and it also has an infinite hold feature. Infinite delay holds a sample in memory which then loops repeatedly. The Delay Factor control can then be used to pitch-change the sample

It’s hard to describe the difference between an Effectron and, say, a Lexicon PCM42 but, if you had both in your effects rack, you’d head off in a different direction sonically with each one. The result with the Effectron would be madder than the Lexicon – which explains why I like them so much!

In excellent condition, almost unmarked. Recapped & refurbished in our workshops. Photos show the Effectron for sale. 220 Volt model. Tested & working 100%

Hail the Effectron!

“OH man , I have stumbled upon this wicked awesome unit… i think this piece is amazing”

“Great thing about effectrons is playing the knobs as your track is printing… especially for weird modulation stuff… think bauhaus’ “bela lugosi’s dead” or reverend horton heat’s “gin and tonic blues” and you’ll get it… LIQUID, baby = effectron”

“Good sounds, it’s digital, but in an analog way! The modulation is off the hook crazy”

“I don’t know about the differences, but those old DeltaLab delays sound GREAT, at least if your idea of “great” is “warm and funky” rather than “completely accurate”. I’ve used one for years. Lots of aliasing noise and bandwidth limitations, but it’s in no way cold or uninvolving”

“Deltalabs units use delta modulation istead of the usual PCM method of encoding/decoding. They definitely sound different!”

“If you cannot come up with an interesting effect on this box then just get out of the business”

“Good clean sound? Hell NO…. good clean fun?… HELL YES!! Every studio should have at least one. Imparts a vibe that a plug-in certainly can’t”

“The unit makes a great flanger, excellent chorus and a great freakout anti-music device”

“The EFFECTRONS Rule ! I have all 3 and the amount of creative sound you can derive from them is intense. HAIL THE EFFECTRON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Effectrons are just plain cool”

Delta modulation digital delay line with variable delay time, modulation, feedback and output dry / delay mix control. Unbalanced analogue inputs & outputs on jacks. Sockets also for bypass and control input. 1020 mS maximum delay at 1x bandwidth
1U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack. UK / European standard 220 Volt AC with captive cable & new UK power plug

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Memory expansion for the ADM 1020

In excellent condition, almost unmarked. Photos show the Effectron for sale. 220 Volt model. Recapped & refurbished in our workshops Tested & working 100%. Photos to follow