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The name Lexicon is synonymous with digital reverberation. Their effects devices draw on decades of experience gained making legendary devices like the 224, 480L and 960L and the later PCM70 & PCM92. This experience enabled Lexicon to develop their own proprietary reverberation chip, the Lexichip, which was subsequently used in most of their products
The Alex is a prime example of the economies of scale Lexicon managed to achieve – a low-cost Lexicon effects unit in a neat 1U package
The Alex is designed to be quick & easy to use with 16 presets and 16 user memories.  The front panel is super-simple with a signal LED, Input / Mix / Output controls, (Mix varies the blend of effect and dry signal), Store / Clear button, Parameter button (to select the parameter to edit), a Value knob (to edit that parameter), digital display and a Register / Preset knob to select a program
Each preset has three parameters that can be edited, and modified programs can be saved into user memories.  If you want more in-depth editing than the Alex can provide, take a look at the other Lexicons & effects I have for sale
The gold plate patch is worth the price of admission” – Jim Williams, Audio Upgrades
Alex Presets
1 – 6 Hall & Rooms
7 Inverse
8 Gate
9 – 12 Plates
13 Chorus
14 Flange
15 Echo
16 Delays

Stereo inputs & outputs are unbalanced on jack sockets and the unit works at a nominal -2 dBu level.  The input will accept signals down to -30 dBu and signal presence / overload are shown on a dual-colour signal LED.  A footswitch jack socket allows remote control of effect bypass and register steps, and the manual has instructions on creating chains of effects and stepping through them.  Power input is via an external 9 VAC power unit (supplied) which plugs into a standard UK mains socket

1U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack.  Power input is via an external 9 VAC power unit (supplied) which plugs into a standard UK mains socket

Product page
User Guide
Sound on Sound Review (Reflex, with reference to the Alex)

In very good, used condition with minor rack rash.  Supplied with new 9 VAC power supply. Tested & working 100%. Photos show an Alex sold previously