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For a lot of people, myself included, there is only one brand of digital reverb. Lexicon has always made fine-sounding devices and their modern reverbs build on the experience gained with the legendary 224X – 480L range which, along with EMT, were easily the best digital reverb units of the 1980s

The MPX110 is an updated version of the MPX100 with 24-bit convertors and 24-bit internal processing. It’s based on the Lexicon LexiChip III and includes the famous Lexicon Ambience algorithm as well as pitch-shifting, delays and the obligatory chorus / flanger / phaser / rotary speaker effects that Lexicon do so well

It’s a true-stereo unit with Single and Dual modes. In Dual it can be used as two separate processors. Maximum delay time is 5.7 seconds so there’s plenty of scope for long delays, repeats & dub effects. The Sound on Sound review of the MPX100 has a good explanation of the signal path & routing possibilities of the MPX100 & 110 – see links below


MPX 110 Program Banks
0 User
1 Flange / Delay (Dual)
2 Pitch / Delay (Dual)
3 Chorus / Delay (Dual)
4 Delay / Reverb (Dual)
5 Flange / Reverb (Dual)
6 Pitch / Reverb (Dual)
7 Chorus / Reverb (Dual)
8 Plate, Gate
9 Hall, Chamber
10 Ambience, Room
11 Tremelo, Rotary
12 Chorus, Flange
13 Pitch, Detune
14 Delay, Echo
15 Special Effects

Each program bank has 16 variations of the basic program, giving 240 presets, and edited programs can be saved to one of the 16 user memories. Tempo-related effects can easily be created using the Tap Tempo feature or by syncing to Midi clock. The Learn feature patches external Midi controllers or program changes to front panel controls (Mix, Effects Level/Balance, Adjust, Bypass and Tap) allowing control over effects from a synth or other midi controller

High-impedance analogue inputs mean it will work as well with guitars & basses as keyboards & consoles. A front-panel Mix control allows a variable balance of dry and effect signal so it can be used as an inline effect or via an effect send. The digital output provides a simultaneous output which can be wet or dry

The MPX100 is a great, simple reverb / effects processor from the masters of reverberation, Lexicon. It’s easy to use & very straightforward to setup with the Learn and Tap Tempo functions. The basic presets are excellent and the easy availability of 16 versions of each preset makes finding a suitable effect much easier. Once you’ve found something good you can tweak the effect using the Adjust knob & save it to a user memory

Inputs & outputs are on jack sockets and the MPX110 has 24-bit AD & DA convertors sampling at 44.1 KHz. The SP/DIF digital output is always active. Midi In & Out / Thru jacks are provided and the device has a full Midi specification including editing of preset parameters over Midi, Sysex dumps and live control using standard midi continuous controllers. AC power supply is included
1U device suitable for mounting in a standard 19" rack. External 9 VAC power supply included
Product page http://www.lexiconpro.com/en/products/mpx110 Owners manual http://rdn.harmanpro.com/product_documents/documents/1135_1340214083/MPX110_UG_Rev1_US_original.pdf GearJunkies Review http://www.gearjunkies.com/product_info.php?products_id=11917 Sound on Sound Review (of previous MPX100) http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/aug98/articles/lexicon.html