SSL Multichannel compressor

The original SSL 4000E console Quad Bus compressor became legendary for its ability to glue a mix together and give that SSL “punch”

It used dbx “Gold Can” VCAs, as did the first rackmount versions. Later XLogic versions were based on K-Series console “SuperAnalog” electronics, as was this final version – the XLogic Multichannel compressor

This is a full 5.1 compressor with a complex sidechain designed to allow control over buy ambien online which channels drive compression. It includes trims for left/right channels, centre, surround & LFE and there’s a high-pass filter for the LFE channel

The killer feature is the Dual Stereo button – it turns the Multichannel into two separate stereo compressors, each with their own controls. In this mode you have two G-Series stereo compressors in one box…

It’s the ultimate bus compressor x 2