Dolby 361 with Cat.22 Dolby Trick card


Dolby 361s are becoming rare now, and working Cat.22 cards even rarer. Here’s a tested combination with a modified “Dolby Trick” Cat.22 card, packed & ready to ship

Designed as a noise reduction system for analogue recording, the Dolby A process uses a multi-band compressor to encode a signal to tape and inverts the process to decode. By raising the record level on quiet passages, and reducing it on playback, Dolby A gave significant noise reduction

A by-product of the encoding process is that un-decoded tracks sound brighter, breathier and softer. Recording engineers were quick to use this effect by switching out the noise reduction on specific tracks on playback so they could be enhanced with this Dolby Trick

Modifying the Cat.22 card takes this one step further. By defeating the encoding on the two lower frequency bands the effect is enhanced at higher frequencies

You’ll find a hardware setup guide, for the Dolby Trick here on the BN1studio website

Dolby 361 with Cat.22 Dolby Trick card