Roland SR-JV80 Expansion Boards

Roland produced a wide range of expansion boards for the JV-Series synths. These came in two varieties: SR-JV80 internal expansion boards and SO-PCM data cards

Many of the SR-JV80 boards were developed in conjunction with Spectrasonics, a company set up to sample sounds & map them across a keyboard

Some of these expansion cards were outside the traditional numbering scheme and were only sold bundled with keyboards. Below is a list of Roland board numbers & names with links to items in our shop

A list of all expansion boards for sale is here

SR-JV80 internal boards

SR-JV-01 Pop
SR-JV-02 Orchestral
SR-JV-03 Piano
SR-JV-04 Vintage Synth
SR-JV-05 World
SR-JV-06 Dance
SR-JV-07 Super Sound Set
SR-JV-08 Keyboards of the 60s and 70s
SR-JV-09 Session
SR-JV-10 Bass & Drums
SR-JV-11 Techno Collection
SR-JV-12 Hip Hop Collection
SR-JV-13 Vocal Collection
SR-JV-14 World Collection Asia
SR-JV-15 Special FX Collection
SR-JV-16 Orchestral 2
SR-JV-17 Country
SR-JV-18 Latin
SR-JV-19 House
SR-JV80-96 World Collection Latin
SR-JV80-97 Experience III
SR-JV80-98 Experience II
SR-JV80-99 Experience


SO-PCM external data cards

SO-PCM1-01 Piano Selections
SO-PCM1-02 Guitar and Brass
SO-PCM1-03 Rock Drums
SO-PCM1-04 Grand Piano
SO-PCM1-05 Accordion
SO-PCM1-06 Baroque
SO-PCM1-07 Orchestral FX
SO-PCM1-08 County/Folk/Bluegrass


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