Moog Sub Phatty


Being a rackmount kind of guy I don’t usually buy synths with keyboards, but had a Sub Phatty recently and really liked it. Moog quality is high and it’s obvious they spend more on aesthetics & hardware than other manufacturers

The construction of the Sub Phatty is a case in point – the back is formed from a lovely arc of anodised aluminium and it adds a lot to the premium feel. The keyboard is nice and all the knobs & switches are positive & well-finished

If you’re used to a Minimoog it’s easy to get to grips with the Sub Phatty. Even if you’re a newcomer, the logical layout helps a lot. Oscillators on the left, filter in the centre and envelopes on the right – it’s a layout that follows the signal path and makes sense of the controls

And it sounds like a Moog – deep wobbly basses are there for the asking, funky filtered basses & clavinet-like sounds are easy and, if you like mono synth lead sounds, they’re here too. Of course it has a full midi implementation, audio input to feed the filter from an external source, user memories & lots more

In lovely condition – photos show the synth for sale. This Sub Phatty is packed in its original box and is ready to ship