Shop Update April 2020: Lockdown

We’re in lockdown but still working… If you need cables made up or help with setting up a home studio, email and I’ll help if I can

I’ve taken the opportunity to get up-to-date with a bunch of gear that’s been in my prep queue for some time. Recently-finished compressors include:

  • UREI LA4 stereo pair, set #20 – a really tidy pair of LA4s in the original rackmount, refurbished, recapped, new cables, etc, etc
  • UREI LA4 – two mono units, can be sold as a pair with rack kit, priced individually
  • UREI 7110 stereo pair, set #21– new arrivals from the USA, recapped & switched to 220 Volt. These are under-appreciated compressors!
  • UREI 7110 single, recapped
  • dbx 163X stereo pair, set #22 – nice pair of 163Xs, sequential serial numbers, recapped & modified. I love the way these sound when recapped
  • dbx 160X stereo pair, set #18 – I have three sets packed & ready
  • dbx 160XT stereo pair, set #14 – I have a pair ready to ship with stereo link cable
  • Inovonics 201 – recapped, refurbished, switched to 220 Volt. Legendary USA-made compressor / limiter with an awesome sound

I haven’t forgotten the EQs: