Portable kit for working from home

If you’re looking for portable or non-rack gear to work from home during this crisis, a few suggestions below

I have a Circuit Mono Station arriving soon – that’s guaranteed to spark a few ideas and it’s a great antidote to sitting in front of a screen & clicking a mouse

The Waldorf Blofeld is a synth with lots of depth – definitely worth the time to get to know it. A product of synth pioneer Wolfgang Palm

Keyboards, Synth Modules & Groove Boxes

Novation Circuit Mono Station – excellent groovebox / sequencer with a built-in mono synth
Novation K Station keyboard synth – portable synth with 2.5-octave keyboard
Waldorf Blofeld Synth module (black) – multitimbral, polyphonic, wavetable synth module from German wizards Waldorf


Alesis Micro Limiter (recapped & modified) – portable drum smasher / variable ratio limiter
Really Nice Compressor – the definitive Nice compressor
Really Nice Limiting Amplifier – Nice with a bit more colour to it
Alesis Nano Compressor – more smashing from Alesis, far more capable than you might think


Boss CE-1 Chorus – the definitive chorus
Boss Voice Transformer – for vocal effects & vocoding
Boss RCE-10 Chorus – later Boss Chorus, still excellent
Boss RPH-10 Phaser – cult phaser – expensive but great
Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter – stand-alone filter from Waldorf
Alesis Nanoverb – portable, easy and the gated reverb is fantastic
Alesis Microverb 2 – more Alesis portable reverbiness