dbx 900 Series

This is a rare thing in 2020: a full dbx rack with all the cards in working order. Not only that, but the two Aphex Dominators and two Compellors are new old stock (NOS) items that arrived boxed and have never been used. Add to those a pair of early “Gold Can” dbx 903s – which feature the VCA used in the original SSL 4000E bus compressor – and two later 903s and you have eight highly sought-after compressors in one package. That leaves the ninth slot free – but I have a dbx mix card to fill the hole

I have a general info page on the 900 Series here and the link to the rack in the shop is here

For information on installation & looms, email workshop@bn1studio.co.uk

dbx 900 Series rack loaded

dbx 900 Series modules

Aphex Compellor cards for 900 Series

Aphex Dominator II cards for 900 Series

dbx 903 “Gold Can” compressors

dbx 903 “Gold Can” compressors

Original dbx 900 Series Rack & Modules marketing photo