Hail the Effectron!

I’m a bit of a Deltalab fan. The first one I used was an Acousticomputer – a simple delay line with an up / down toggle switch to change delay time. It was limited but intriguing. With more facilities & longer delay times the later Effectrons really hit the spot and, even now, are great tools for warping & twisting sounds

I am collecting Deltalab & Effectron info together on this page so check back for updates!

Some items have a PDF link to a user manual or catalogue or a schematic

Product links & Info


Super Time Line

Other Deltalab kit


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Preservation Sound


TapeOp forum



Music Electronics Forum



Youtube Demos


Youtube demo (weird noises mainly)


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Effectron – PDF

Effectron II – PDF and PDF

Effectron Ad 1 –

Effectron Ad 2 –

Effectron I - II - III features

Effectron I – II – III features